About Me

My name is Robin Reumers, and I have always been obsessed with music. Music was destined to be my number 1 focus in life, and it felt great to complement it with three key passions of mine: engineering (mixing & mastering), education, and technology. When it comes to engineering, I have been very fortunate to have worked with some fantastic artists, such as Alejandro Sanz, Paula Arenas, Pablo Alborán, Fonseca, Lola Astanova, Hardwell, Oliver Heldens and Ela Taubert. Albums I worked on were nominated for 4 Latin Grammys, and Alejandro Sanz' #ElDisco even won a Grammy in 2020. When it comes to education, I recently came to Miami to set up the new Abbey Road Institute, a brand I have been working with for almost five years, and I love everything it represents. In the technology field, I co-founded Leapwing in 2016, and with an excellent team, we have created some amazing award-winning plugins. Why am I so passionate about all of this?: "I want to bring out the full potential of songs and help people to emotionally connect to them!"

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Mixing & Mastering


For the past 14 years, I've been working in education, and it truly is one of my passions. I currently hold the role of Director of Education at the new Abbey Road Institute in Miami. During the past four years, I occupied that role in Amsterdam, and I've been fortunate to see many students blossom.

I love teaching topics such as Sound Theory, Digital Audio, Mixing, Music Business, and Mastering Introduction. But what's more important to me is to inspire and guide the next generation of producers and engineers. I love giving feedback and helping students to figure out their personal development plan, supporting in any way I can.


I started programming at the age for 14 and have always been passionate about technology. There is something liberating when presented with a problem and being able to figure out an elegant solution. Creating my own headphone amplifier when I was 22 years old, I love both analog and digital, and I will always strive for perfection.

Then in 2016, Jeroen Dreessen, Emiliano Caballero, and I decided to partner and we founded Leapwing. We love innovation, and over the past four years, we have been developing products that don't exist yet or can't exist in the analog domain and do it in a unique way.

We currently have 3 plugins out: CenterOne, DynOne and StageOne and have been fortunate to have been nominated for a TEC Award, Sound on Sound Award, CAS Award, Resolution Award and we even won the MusicTech Gear of the Year Award with DynOne in 2018.